Hand Medium


Amazing quality, sturdy, non-sticky acrylic templates for henna practice! Easily removes henna when it’s dry and just need a wipe to clean it! You can also use soap and water to clean. All the templates come with a clear protective film or brown paper covered on both sides and both sides of the template are glossy and useable! The medium hand template is 3mm thickness and its 11 inches long. This template is medium sized (woman’s hand size) and short with 4 inches below the wrist.

Please ONLY use homemade natural henna which can only be stored in the freezer as the store bought henna contains chemicals and will stain the acrylic! There will be some marks/scratches on the clear film/brown paper only. Once the clear film is removed the acrylic templates will have no markings on them. We are not responsible for any stains that may occur due to the use of permanent marker, and/or staining henna (chemical based) and will not offer the refund. No returns accepted if the clear film is removed from any side.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm