Autumn Henna


What is Henna?
One of the safest substances you can apply to skin, with an extremely low rate of sensitisation

Which henna do I use? 
I use 100% pure Rajasthani henna powder from India.

How do I know if I’m getting high quality henna paste?
You cannot trust henna paste you buy at grocery stores! Natural henna paste has to be kept in the freezer at all times unless using it within 3 days of making as it goes bad when it’s left out so anything left on a shelf that still stains your skin is made of chemicals.

Do you have black henna? 
I do not use, nor will I ever use black henna. Black henna is not henna at all, it is hair dye mixed with other chemicals. It has been known to cause burns, scarring, and in a few severe cases death. Please do not use black henna.

Do you use a pin in the tip of your cone?
I do not, I prefer to roll my cones closed, and cut the tip open. If you want open tip cones please leave a note before checkout.

Do you use lemon in your henna recipe?
Yes I use lemon in my recipe. 100% Pure Lemon juice in henna acts as a preservative and so it lasts long when stored in the freezer. Also to facilitate dye release by breaking up the cellulose, while keeping the Lawsone molecule stable.

How to get a Dark Stain as in the pictures? Or What are the aftercare instructions that I need to follow to get a dark stain.
(For super dark mahogany stain)
 Make sure your skin is clean; no oils or lotion before applying the paste.
 As the paste dries, dab it with cotton ball dipped in lemon-sugar solution.
 Leave your henna paste on the skin for as long as possible.
 I recommend 8-12 hours for best results. Remember that the longer your henna paste stays on the skin, the darker and longer lasting the stain will be.
 Remove the paste by gently flaking/scraping it off, DO NOT wash it off with water.
 For any stubborn dried on details you can moisten the paste with olive/coconut oil and gently wipe with a wash rag.
 Apply Olive Oil/Tea tree Oil on your skin after removing the henna
 Try not to wet the henna stain for at least 12 hours -The longer the better.
 The stain matures in 36-48 hours and stays on for a week to 10 days.
 Stay warm during and after henna application.
 During this time keep the henna stain well moisturised with a natural oil or balm.
In the next 48 hours your stain will develop from orange to dark brown.

How long will henna stay good in the freezer? How can you tell when it goes bad?
I suggest using them as fresh as possible, but you can store them in the freezer for upto 3 months before throwing it out. You can tell when it has gone bad because its consistency will change, there will be oil and water separating and the henna will become harder to work with. 

How long does the henna last on the skin?
The designs will last anywhere from 1-6 weeks. The wide range is because of the many variables such as; quality of henna, the recipe used, what part of the body was decorated, how exposed to rubbing/soap/water the design gets, the darkness of your skin etc. On average a design will last 1-3 weeks. Also, non-oily areas such as lower arms/legs tend to retain designs better than oily areas such as chest or lower back.

What If a pregnant or nursing woman wants to have henna applied?
Ask her to check with her doctor first, and give him a list of what you put in the henna paste. Only use water based recipe with lavender oil in it as its safer to use.

Powdered henna can be stored without losing quality for a year if is stored in –
Frozen in air tight, lightproof containers
Why do you add Sugar to the henna paste?
To make it stringy, and less likely to crack when drying

Henna stains may fade quickly on:
People who are in poor health, or who are on medication, go swimming frequently and who exfoliate frequently
There are many things that affect henna stains, even if the henna quality is very good. A person might have poor stains if:
That person is in poor health or on a medication that impairs henna stains or is fatigued and under great stress or that person is premenstrual.