Autumn Henna


I’m Arohi Vora, founder of Autumnhenna Ltd. I’m a henna artist, art lover, maker, seller and the brain behind all this.


The idea to create Autumnhenna came to me sometime in Autumn 2010. I realised that I wanted to carry my passion for henna to a next level and wanted to build my company not only for myself but to spread the magic of this little plant of henna worldwide, which I dreamt of every day since my childhood. The general idea of this website is to make my products (which I love) easily available to you, “henna lovers”, globally. I am also a passionate designer, so feel free to contact me and book my services for any occasion from weddings to private appointments and henna parties too. 

Contact Me

I know how long it takes to write an email and I appreciate that, but it may take a while to reply to your messages, so don’t worry I might be more busy during that time but I will get back to you asap. So either you can fill the contact form on the website or direct email me on I will make sure you get a reply. 

About Me

I am presently based in Glasgow, UK and I am a Petroleum Technologist and very interested in Oils and Chemicals around me. I also cook (vegetarian/vegan), travel, research, read and enjoy movies too. As different and diverse as that might sound, my passion is into henna and everything surrounded by it.  


I enjoy applying, making and selling henna a lot, which makes me a creative chemical engineer. I strive for perfection and always try and go for 100% organic and natural things, which is why my products are the same.